About Kevin Bossons

I’m a father of three girls and two boys, a husband, and most of all an internet nerd. I eat, sleep and dream about website design, development and marketing. That may sound a little disturbing (or a lot!) but it’s my passion.

My Website Development Background

Kevin BossonsAt age 17 I went out to the nearest Gateway computer store (Lehigh Valley Mall) and signed my life away for a financed fancy new computer. A blazing fast 433 mhz Destination. I immediately got online and became incredibly interested in how websites worked. I started out by making small pages about random subjects just to understand the whole process better. Ever since that time I’ve been learning more and more. My first “real” website work was on EasternPAFootball.com back in August of 2002. Where I designed a simple site. From there I redesigned it a year later to utilize a database backend. I’m happy to say it’s currently the top website for local high school football! Not exactly a claim to fame, but it’s where my career began.

My SEO Philosophy

The term “SEO” comes with quite a mixed bag of negative connotations. Mainly because the SEO/SEM industry has it’s share of not-so-honest people who do anything for a quick buck. These people will peddle services that will actually hurt your site and leave you out to dry.

What separates me from them is my number one goal is to always add value and make sites for people, not search engines. While that sounds contrary to what I do, it really isn’t. I take a very holistic view on my job – I connect people looking for services to people offering those services. I then improve their internet rankings (visibility) by adding value to sites (content strategy) and connecting their site to other relevant, useful sites.


WebTech Marketing Services

I am currently employed as the Director of Internet Marketing for WebTech Marketing Services and have been since 2009. Based in Atlanta GA, WebTech offers a robust set of website design, development and marketing solutions. We primarily work with small to medium sized businesses in the Atlanta area &  all over the United States.

Since I live in Pennsylvania and work remotely, I’m able to personally reach out to local businesses in the Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton areas in the Lehigh Valley. I’m able to offer a broad tool set of solutions and expertise backed by an amazing website development and marketing team.

Technical Background

As for my technical qualifications, I’m proficient in

  • (X)HTML
  • CSS (cascading stylesheets)
  • Table-less, semantic and accessible coding
  • WordPress template creation and alteration
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Link Building