Well Hello There

My name is Kevin and I’m an experienced SEO expert of over 15 years steering successful digital marketing campaigns. I currently lead strategy and operations as General Manager at WT Digital Agency, guiding the WT Team to deliver results for clients ranging from startups to enterprises in the B2B space.

I started my SEO journey as a freelancer building and marketing websites back when Amazon only sold books. Since then I’ve leveled up to General Manager where my primary focus is on digital marketing strategy & repeatible effective systems. I nerd out over the latest SEO research, including my own SEO testing to stay on top of what’s moving the needle in SEO. I care about one thing above all else: using data to drive real business outcomes. More traffic is great, but leads and sales pay the bills.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me enjoying time with my wife and family to recharge. I’m a big Halloween enthusiast and horror buff – I always have a book, show or podcast I’m working through in the genre.

I’m always happy to talk shop, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn!