Over the years I’ve worked on a lot of different projects, and had a lot of different roles. I chose a few here and there that demonstrate key successes.

Design & Development

Creative Photos Photography
Creative Photos Photography
Bob is a wedding photographer, and came to me needing a complete website. He had utilized a website builder service that wasn’t quite accomplishing his goals. I sat down with him and went over his goals and together we worked through some concepts to eventually having a finished product.

The area we focused on the most was his image gallery – he’s given me a lot of great feedback how it’s been helping him close sales significantly easier.


Tender Empowerment 

My wife asked me to build her a website & help her become visible for various hypnotherapy & hypnosis searches in the surrounding area. After working with her on site structure and page content, then providing her with an outreach list of other websites in the valley her site is visible in both the local and organic results for many highly valuable search terms such as:

– easton pa hypnosis
– easton pa hypnotherapy
– williams township pa hypnosis
– williams township pa hypnotherapy
– phillipsburg nj hypnosis
– phillipsburg nj hypnotherapy

and many more!

In Conclusion

I’ve worked on a lot more than 2 sites. I chose only these sites because they all had zero dollar budgets, and were personal projects more so than business projects. Passionate site owners found me, and I helped them accomplish more.