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Interested in search engine optimization? When I first started reading and looking around I was absolutely buried in information. There are so many people talking at once in this industry that it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. This list represents years of research and reading, all distilled to provide a concise list of really good resources.

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SEO Heirarchy Of Needs
The folks over at Bruce Clay made a great visual representation of search engine optimization. Looking at the pyramid helps you get a basic idea of search optimization. In my opinion it’s one of the best visuals I’ve seen.

Search Engine Ranking Factors
The SEO Heirarchy gave you the general overview. This article details every detailed different element of SEO. It’s the result of the top marketers being polled on what they think matters and what they think doesn’t matter.

Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization
Awesome post regarding on-page SEO optimization best practices. This is really a baseline template for making the best possibly optimized pages. I also love how it goes beyond SEO and talks about good content and user experience.

Google Webmaster Guidelines
Google’s very own guidelines on planning and building a website. The bottom line is Google wants you to ignore they exist, and build websites for people and not search engines.

The “just create compelling and useful content” Lie
Sebastian basically states the exact opposite of the popular SEO mantra of “build websites for users”. Instead of making your site for people, make your site for search engineers. Pretty contrary to the Google guidelines, and like many things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Is Most Of SEO Just A Boondoggle?
Jill Whalen talks about some SEO Practices that are bullshit, and points out the practices that add value. A must read before consulting with an SEO to ensure you have a functional bullshit detector.


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