WebTech Services Launches New Website

WebTech Services Launches New Website

You know the saying: “the Cobbler’s children have no shoes” and it’s oh-so-true. Especially when it comes to Web Development and Website Marketing companies. You’d think their sites would be cutting edge, pristine and really well cared for.

That’s not always the case.

Especially for companies with a lot of clients. The company I work for, WebTech Services, is super busy working on client sites. Great news for our clients, not so much for us. After many attempts, we’ve finally pulled off our website redesign project – kicking and screaming all the way.

The Transformation

Old Site:

WebTech Services, Inc. Old Website

New Site:
WebTech Services, Inc. new website

Goals Of The Redesign

At a basic level, we didn’t feel the site came anywhere close to what we were capable of from a design standpoint. So the primary goal of the redesign was to brand ourselves as a much more capable website design company. While we primarily offer Atlanta SEO Services as our top service, many clients expect a really well designed & creative site, to demonstrate we can do the same for their project.

Another improvement was Social Media. We offer social media services, and wanted to increase the visibility of our social media profiles. We went for the gusto and added interactive facebook and twitter buttons for some social-proof-goodness.

While I doubt this will be the final iteration of our site, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Would love to hear any comments!

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