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July 29, 2008

Mindmeister – A Free & Simple Brainstorming Tool

Last month I read this really nice post over at youmoz about a website called Mindmeister. Mindmeister is an online collaboration tool that allows you to create mind maps - you know those charts where you'd circle an idea, then list related ideas, and keep branching away. You can share your "mind maps" with other users, and they can add to and edit your map. All revisions are tracked and can be easily undone.
July 25, 2008

Learning Graphic Design – A Forum Post Response

While reading the Sitepoint forums, I came across a really great question/response that I wanted to share:
July 11, 2008

Great WordPress Plugin: Redirection

I recently installed Wordpess on an older flat-file website that had a massive amount of seperate pages. The owner would occasionally shuffle his content around (manually archiving) and he'd never heard of a redirect. As soon as I started working on the project, I noticed all the 404 traffic he was getting (not caused by me!). Since I installed Wordpress for him, I was able to find a plugin to fix this situation. Enter Redirection.
July 1, 2008

How much should I charge my clients?

If finding questions with a lot of different answers made me money, this question would be a goldmine. It seems every freelancer has their own formula for determining how much to charge. Rightly so - as your price can make quite an impact on your business. If you charge too much you'll be less competitive, and if you charge too little you aren't going to make money. Most freelancers charge their clients by either an hourly rate or a fixed "per project" or "per item" rate. Regardless of which method works better for you, it's a good idea to establish an hourly rate that is going to keep your head above the water. You can then use this rate as a basis to establish fixed-rate prices.