I love Socialmarker

I love Socialmarker

So you’ve got a site, and you’ve got articles! Now what? You need traffic! You know – those people out there in the world who are willing to take time to read what you have to say. Thankfully, we have social bookmarking sites that allow users to post their favorite stories in hopes that other people will read them. There are a lot of sites though. How in the world do you figure out which sites to submit your stories to? This is where Socialmarker.com comes in handy.

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Socialmarker is not a social bookmarking site – it’s a site that makes submitting to social bookmarkings sites easier. You fill out a short form, select which social bookmarking sites you want to submit the info to, then it stores these values and takes you to the social bookmarking sites in a frame. Here’s a list of them, it’s quite a few. You then submit to each site separately, and the fields are usually already filled for you. The first time around you’ll have to sign up to the sites you want to use, and once you’re registered & logged in to all the sites, submitting to them becomes a breeze. It even has a menu that groups the sites by relevant categories such as:

  • all
  • best
  • bookmarking
  • news
  • dofollow

By using this site I save myself a ton of time, and more importantly, I can avoid all the silly browser toolbars. They aren’t always a requirement, but it can be tedious manually submitting to the sites that use toolbars. Hopefully It will save you some time as well.

Edit: URL added, thanks to a Webdesign Watchdog

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