I’ve Embraced Hybrid Layouts

I think there are steps to learning web design. You learn a lot, but understand very little You learn a lot, and things start to click You learn a lot, and you understand a little bit more Yeah that’s right there’s no 4th “YOU MASTER HTML” because frankly, I don’t think it’s possible. Even if … Read more

Trying out Affiliate Marketing

Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything. I’ve been doing less and less web development, and more and more learning. Making sites for clients is getting a little old, and I need to diversify how I spend my time on the net. Well, the time I use to actually better myself either financially … Read more

Most ideal size for your Web Site?

It’s one of the oldest questions in the book: what browser size should I design my website for? Do I cater to people running lower resolutions such as 800×600, do I think my visitors want a wider layout like 1024×768, or do I think my visitors surf on a movie screen? Well, they probably aren’t going to be surfing on a movie screen, and chances are that they’re running something higher than 800×600. How about I stop with these generalizations and give you some useful info? How about a pretty chart?