September 2, 2010

I Switched From the iPhone to Android Without Any Regrets

I use Google's apps every day. I figured it was a safe bet to try out a phone built on a Google platform. Not to mention the simple thought of totally removing iTunes from my computer made me feel warm and tingly inside.
September 29, 2008

Trying out Affiliate Marketing

Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything. I’ve been doing less and less web development, and more and more learning. Making sites for clients […]
June 23, 2008

RIP George Carlin

George Carlin was the first stand up comedians I've seen live, and always something I shared with my Dad as an adult. We watched his TV show together, we went to see him live twice, and every year we exchanged at least one gift relating to his dark and obscene humor.
May 7, 2008

First Post

I finally did it! happy After working on the design, markup, Wordpress CMS integration and finally the finishing touches, I have a place to call home. The process took me about a week, and well worth it. I started off with the idea of making myself a blog to just randomly post about the internet and sprinkle some website design topics here and there, and I ended up with quite the opposite idea: to write about website design and maybe post about something else here and there...