Thank you WordPress

Over the years I’ve concentrated my learning towards the visual markup, management and promotion of web sites. I’m happy with this arrangement. I have the tools and experience to create a website mockup image, and then turn that image into a functional static website. Years ago, this arrangement had a huge downside. When I took on a client who needed a site he could update himself, I had limited options.

Stat Counters

Lurking on just about every web page is a webpage stat counter. These little snippets of code have been around since the beginning of the internet. They serve a very simple purpose – to count and store statistics. They can store a range of different data, and at the very least they count and store page impressions, or the exact number of times a specific web site has been accessed or viewed by a user. Now the stat counters that display how many page views to visitors? Well, let’s talk about them.