June 1, 2017

Contact Forms Versus Email Links

It's no mystery that reading & responding to user feedback is paramount in running a successful website. Visitors are the lifeblood of your website, and many of them are more then willing to communicate what they do and don't like about your website to you. How do you go about setting up the mechanism for this communication? Specifically, do you use a contact form or offer an email link to your visitors? Let's figure it out.
September 8, 2011

WebTech Services Launches New Website

You know the saying: “the Cobbler’s children have no shoes” and it’s oh-so-true. Especially when it comes to Web Development and Website Marketing companies. You’d think […]
June 20, 2008

We have your images!

I recently had a client who told me he wanted all of his images "protected" from being downloaded. My answer was simple: "It's not worth your time to persue that goal". If someone who knows what he or she is doing wants an image, they're going to get it by either examining your code, checking their cache or utilizing their print screen button.
June 9, 2008

5 Mistakes That Made Me A Better Freelancer

A few years ago I started offering web design services to those in need of a web site. Ever since, It's been a constant learning experience. When I advanced from website coding to directly interacting with clients, I was taking a pretty big step. It was hard enough trying to understand this crazy markup language, and now I had to learn how to interact with clients? Sheesh. Thanks to trial and error, I've come to understand a few things about establishing and maintaining the best possible relationship with my clients.